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Free EURO 2024 Sticker Album Control Sheet [English]

Free EURO 2024 Sticker Album Control Sheet [English]

Fútbol Imprimibles EURO 2024 Gratis

The easiest way to keep track of all the stickers of the UEFA EURO 2024 GERMANY album by Topps.

In this opportunity, we present you the ideal complement for the official collectible sticker album of UEFA EURO 2024 GERMANY made by Topps.

FREE PDF file for download and printing on A4 paper with a checklist that allows you to track the stickers that we obtain when buying packs and/or exchanging duplicates.




Topps Euro 2024 sticker album check sheet


Sticker control sheet UEFA EURO 2024 GERMANY


Download PDF "Full Color"






How to keep track of the stickers in the EURO 2024 book?

The official Topps album of UEFA EURO 2024 GERMANY does not provide the sticker control table or board that is usually on the last page; for this reason, we have prepared a printable PDF file for FREE download with this table.

Keeping track the stickers with this EURO 2024 Stickers Collector Map is very easy: It is a visual guide where we can instantly see the codes that identify each sticker (letters and/or numbers). As you buy or exchange the stickers of the football players from the national teams and the special stickers (TOPPS, UEFA, EURO, LEGENDS, Topps Extra Stickers, etc...), you mark or cross out the obtained stickers on the sheet. Completing the sheet is an extra way to enjoy the entire journey of completing the album and experiencing the Euro Cup in a special way.

While there are many apps that allow you to keep track of the 2024 European Cup album, many people prefer to have the sheet printed on paper. It's more convenient, more direct, and you don't need to be connected to the internet or be using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


The control sheet is prepared to mark or complete the almost 730 stickers, figuritas, figurines, stamps, cromos, cards, or little cards that we need to complete the entire album. The album has 88 full-color pages and contains special stickers: Topps, UEFA, EURO (Venues), Groups, Players to Watch, Star Players, Top XI, Captains, National Logos, Artistic Stickers, Legends (Legendary Euro Masters), Official Topps Sticker Manager (MM), a space to complete your Dream Team, and much more...